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Wipeout VR is now a thing and it's coming as a free update in 2018

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Prodigy’s FIRESTARTER intensifies…

Anyone who was a fan of Wipeout HD Fury‘s 3D mode will love the new addition coming to Wipeout Omega Collection in early 2018.

Announced at PlayStation Experience, the annual fan-fest Sony throws for PlayStation players in America, Wipeout Omega Collection is finally getting a VR mode. Virtual reality racing was something that players had hoped would come to Omega Collection from day one but, due to the actual logistics of making it work, it’s been in production behind the scenes for some time.

It’s still not dated beyond early 2018, but Sony has stated that every mode and track will be playable in VR, with new ships and interiors to make it even more immersive in VR. Wipeout VR is a free update too, so you won’t have to fork out anything more to play.

You can watch the short reveal trailer below. It’s evident it’s not as pretty as Omega Collection was, but it certainly seems to be running smoothly and should, hopefully, not be anywhere near as nauseating as anti-gravity racing initially looks.

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