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VR experience Zero Latency opens up new Brisbane facility

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It was a few years ago when I first played Zero Latency down in Melbourne, and even though the company’s hardware and gameplay skills have come a long way since then, it was still one of the most immersive VR experiences I’ve had to date. The combination of excellent props – the rifle props are epically detailed and weighted, including recoil – and the atmospheric use of giant ceiling fans to simulate open spaces made for an incredible experience.

And now, Zero Latency is taking its gaming and VR expertise to Brisbane.

“The fact that more than 19,000 people have experienced our virtual reality adventures in Melbourne just goes to show that there’s a growing appetite for cutting-edge entertainment experiences in Australia,” said Zero Latency’s co-founder and CEO, Tim Ruse. “There is nothing in the world that compares to our experience right now and our new Brisbane arena site will sit squarely at the intersection of social gaming, virtual reality and advanced technology.”

The new Zero Latency facility consists of two 200 square meter arenas, which can be used by two groups to play at the same time, or for one group to have a truly massive experience. On offer will be a range of VR environments:

  • Engineerium – Perfect for first-timers and virtual reality experimenters. Ease you and your mates into VR through this avatar-like, fantasy world that combines platform and maze challenges.
  • Zombie Survival – Picture this: you’re bunkered in a fort and surrounded by masses of Zombies. Can you stay alive till the rescue team comes? An experience for thrill seekers.
  • Singularity – Ever wondered how you’ll fair against killer robots and rogue drones? You and your mates will investigate a secret military space station and take on the Terminators.
  • New Zombie Content – The next iteration of the highly successful Zombie Outbreak will be unveiled to Australians in Brisbane. If you’re curious to see how you would fare in the Zombie Apocalypse; then this new game will get your adrenaline pumping!

Zero Latency Brisbane will open in September, but you can sign up now to get in line for tickets. And we really, really recommend it.

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