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Review: D-Link DWR-118 Wireless AC1200 Dual Band Multi-WAN Router

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No-frills 802.11ac Wi-Fi router with support for 4G USB modems

This is going to be a pretty boring review because the D-Link DWR-118 is a pretty boring router. That sounds like a negative, but it isn’t! The DWR-118 doesn’t pretend to maximise your gaming experience or cover itself in unsightly antennas. It’s simply a no-nonsense, easy to setup Wi-Fi router with a USB port that allows a 4G modem to be plugged in.

Other than the USB modem feature, the DWR-118 is a bog standard 802.11ac Wi-Fi router. There’s 1x Gigabit LAN, 3x Fast Ethernet LAN and 1x Fast Ethernet WAN ports, 2x removable antennas, dynamic DNS support, basic URL filtering & QoS and the ability to modify Wi-Fi transmit power.

On some routers, configuring the 4G modem can be confusing, but the DWR-118 can auto-configure most modern USB modems. With a supported USB modem, it’s simply a matter of plugging the unit in and selecting the USB modem as your primary Internet connection. To check which USB modems are supported with the DWR-118, visit D-Link’s website.

The DWR-118 has a handy failover feature, so if your fixed line connection goes down, the router will automatically switch over to the 4G connection via the USB modem, then revert to the fixed line connection once it’s working again. The DWR-118 does this by pinging a server (by default, Google’s DNS) at regular intervals and if that server can’t be reached, the router will use the USB modem instead. It’s a simple solution for anyone who needs Internet access 24/7, but doesn’t want to spend loads of money on a high-end router with extra features they’d probably never use.

Compared to some of those higher end routers on the market, the D-Link DWR-118 is incredibly basic. That said, the little DWR-118 gets the job done at a decent price for anyone who just needs a plain Internet connection that works and requires USB modem support for 4G access.

D-Link DWR-118 Wireless AC1200


A no-nonsense, easy to setup Wi-Fi router.

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