Google Stadia is such hot property, it’s overheating users’ Chromecasts

Google Stadia is such hot property, it's overheating users' Chromecasts

Google Stadia is such hot property, it's overheating users' Chromecasts

Stadia isn’t quite going to plan

GOOGLE DOESN’T seem to be able to catch a break with its hardware this year.

Following the lukewarm reception to the Pixel 4 range, we’re now hearing that the company’s new cloud gaming offering Stadia is proving too much for the humble Chromecast Ultra.

Unlike conventional gaming consoles, the controller is meant to be paired up to the premium Chromecast device (there’s one in the box) to form a games console which displays renders from cloud servers.

However, users are starting to report that their games are being cut off in mid-flow, as the Chromecast overheats and shuts off. It’s not clear if its the Chromecast or the Stadia that’s actually responsible for the borkage.

The saving grace is that Stadia doesn’t have to use a Chromecast – it’ll stream to any compatible device, or just work with your Android tablet – it’s just a bit awkward given that the problem is with the device bundled into the box.

It’s just another example of the “not-quite-thinking-it-through-to-the-end” culture which seems to be pervading Google’s hardware designers right now.

Stadia launched this week amid a flurry of disappointment as to the number of available games, the lengthy waits for delivery, and the overall quality of the streaming which, despite promises that it would have lower latency that an on-device title, appears, according to early adopters, to have come at the cost of poorer rendering, with lower definition and more rogue artefacts.

Stadia is designed to be played anywhere and on anything, but in spite of this, many users have had to wait for their physical devices to arrive before they could join, rather negating the point.

Stadia is available in the UK already, but only direct from Google, for £119 (including a free overheating disc), and then its £8.99/m to play. Or just pay the £8.99/m if physical devices aren’t your thing. μ

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