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AMD's new Vega cards could be excellent crypto miners… which could be bad news!

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There’s currently a massive shortage of low to mid-range video cards globally, thanks to the recent resurgence of crypto-currency mining. It’s been so bad that we’ve actually had some vendors contacting us to see if we have spares in the lab.

And now, it looks like the same fate may befall AMD’s upcoming Vega videocards.

Despite being a higher-end part – and therefore not exactly attractive for people wanting to build a massive, multiple video card mining rig, staff at OC UK are reporting that Vega has a very high hash-rate (the ‘speed’ at which you can mine for the currency), something in the realm of 70-100 per card – normally, a hash-rate of 60 or so is considered pretty good.

Now, this does come from a retailer, who got from a vendor partner, so… take it with a grain of salt. But if it’s anything close to true it could lead to shortages of the new parts before gamers can even get hold of them.

So, if you’re keen for Vega, maybe get in fast? Thanks to the Guru3D for the tip-off.

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